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Day 171: Banished! Punishment or Protection?

I was amazed with the things I learned after applying the inductive method! Here is one myth -- one major lie -- that was set right as I read through Genesis chapter 3. Myth: Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden by a strict and disciplinarian God.

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Day 28: Dangerous Prayer

January 12, 2019 I cried a lot today. Before you go judging me for being a cry baby, know that many people say I have a strong personality. I think one of the reasons they have this notion about me is because they don't see me cry. And when I do, they don't see me… Continue reading Day 28: Dangerous Prayer

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Day 16: My Heart Full

December 31, 2018. The last day of the year. As the year ends, I praise and thank the Lord for ALL the things He has revealed to me, the wonderful things He did and will continue to do, and for His love that never fails and never gives up. As I look back on the… Continue reading Day 16: My Heart Full

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Day 14: A Compassionate Father

I praise and thank the Lord today for the rest that He gives His children. Yesterday was a wonderful day spent with long lost families. But it was also tiring and exhausting especially with the commute, the long hours of waiting, talking, and catching up, and the children running around and constantly getting my attention.… Continue reading Day 14: A Compassionate Father

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Day 12: Celebrating Miracles Old and New

I praise and thank God for so many miracles today! First Miracle A miracle happened on this date… My son was born several years ago. I never thought he'd make it. And if he would, I used to believe that he'd be sick. A heart ailment, probably. Why? Oh, the heartaches we've been through… They… Continue reading Day 12: Celebrating Miracles Old and New


Day 11: Movie Review – The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio

Christmas time is one of the tiring seasons in the year. But I thank God for the downtime He has given us. December 26 -- a day after Christmas -- has been a slow day for our family. Thank God for Netflix! I don't know about you, but our family loves watching movies. When I… Continue reading Day 11: Movie Review – The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio

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Day 8: Stigmatized NOT!

For the LORD God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The LORD will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right. - Psalm 84:11 I praise and thank God for my husband who cleaned and organized our home today. It's been a slow day for us… Continue reading Day 8: Stigmatized NOT!