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Day 12: Celebrating Miracles Old and New

I praise and thank God for so many miracles today!

First Miracle

A miracle happened on this date…

My son was born several years ago.

I never thought he’d make it.

And if he would, I used to believe that he’d be sick.

A heart ailment, probably.


Oh, the heartaches we’ve been through…

They are not your ordinary headaches, heartaches, and hurts.

I was fighting for my life.

I was fighting for my sanity.

I was fighting for my children’s lives.

I was so busy doing all these that I had to be reminded I also needed to fight for my unborn child’s life.

Yes, for my unborn son’s life.

My son may be delayed in his speech but only by God’s amazing grace alone that he is enjoying a good and healthy life.

In God’s perfect time, I know he will be able to talk his heart out and tell stories until the break of dawn… just like I do.

Sharing God’s Goodness

I have always been a watch person.

I used to be a “Swatch Girl.”

I even remember the time when I loaned some money from my grandfather when I was in high school just to buy this Swatch wristwatch I’ve always wanted.

I never got to pay him back. 😐

So, now, here I am again…

Looking at wristwatch designs that I’d be asking as a gift from my husband for upcoming occasions.

Then, I saw an ad on Facebook about this watch called LifeSaver Watch by the LoveHopeFaith Group.

The design is simple though there are many color options.

I can order online — hasslefree.

And the best part is that they give 50% of the net proceeds to cancer patients.

That sealed the deal for me.

So, you guessed it…

We bought a family watch on this day — on the same day that we had our “Miracle.”

We hope to be a blessing to somebody else as the Lord blesses us each day with His love through our beloved son.



But Yet Another Miracle for Today

As part of the celebration of my son’s birthday, we let the children — our kids and some relatives — play at this play place near our home while my husband and I bought food for a celebration with the extended family.

After setting up at my in-laws’, we sang my son the birthday song, had our picture taken, and then dove right into the pizza. (Pizzzzza!!! Yummm!!!)

My husband and I, together with my “new” family, all sat down at the same table as my sister-in-law shared her adventures as a new mother from years back.

Here’s the interesting part…

To my surprise (and joy), my mother-in-law then started sharing her own adventures as a mother to my sister-in-law as a baby. It was almost identical to what my sister-in-law experienced with her firstborn.

Not only that, but my new momma has also opened her heart (and her home) to my children.

(We are a blended family. It’s a complicated situation, but by God’s amazing grace, we pull through.)

It’s amazing how the Lord touches and softens the hearts of people!

Then, it finally dawned on me…

I am most thankful to the Lord for changing my heart as I pray to Him — if He is willing — to love my husband, my children, my family, and my new family through me.

I praise and thank God for the opportunities He opens as He uses me to share and show His love to others.

And the best part is…

A smile on everyone’s faces on this very special — caught on cam. 😉

To summarize…

I praise You and thank You, Lord for…

  1. granting my son another good year and a healthy life
  2. being a blessing to cancer patients through the LifeSaver watch
  3. mending family relations

You are Good!

Truly, with You, Lord, all things are possible. Help us cherish every moment you’ve gifted us with our children, with our loved ones. Thank You in advance, my Jesus, for all the adventures we’ll do together. In Jesus’ Mighty Name.

Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. This I declare about the Lord : He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; He is my God, and I trust him. Psalms 91:1‭-‬2 NLT

How About You?

What miracle are you most thankful for this year? Share your blessing with us in the comment section below. 👇 Looking forward to being blessed by your stories.

❤️ Mama Sel

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