Do you remember that feeling when someone asks you:

  • “How do you feel?”
  • “What do you think?”
  • “What are your dreams?”

I don’t know about you, but when I get asked these questions, I feel…

  • Important.
  • Significant.
  • That I matter.

THAT is how I feel when someone takes the time to…

  • Talk with me.
  • Connect with me.
  • Dream with me.

And THAT is exactly how I want YOU to feel when I stop and say,

Kape tayo.(Translation: Let’s have coffee.)

Coffee, anyone?

I’ll say it again: Kape tayo.” 😊

Oh, it’s music to my ears! My eyes sparkle. My heart pounds fast.

A coffee session is more than appreciating the aromatic smell and the creamy texture of my favorite cup of coffee.

It’s more than that wonderful feeling of staying at my favorite cozy coffee place.

It’s more than the time off I get to have…

… away from the clutter (Do I have a house with kids? Yup, guilty!).

… and my mind off my deadlines. (Yes, I also have those. I work from home.)

It’s about the time to slow down.

To listen and to talk.

To cry and to laugh.

To weep for the losses and celebrate the wins.

It’s ALL about hearing the amazing works of THE one-of-a-kind Storyteller as I stand (or sit) in awe of God’s love, faithfulness, and awesomeness.

It’s about the endless possibilities and the surprising twists of God’s stories.

Here at Coffee Sessions with Mama Sel…

There is a seat reserved especially for you as you take part and join in my conversations with others, God, and myself.

You get to hear real stories of my life’s battles and struggles, and God’s wins and victories.

It’s a place of reflection, realization, and redemption.

So, should you keep reading?

Well, you don’t have to. 😲

Most especially if you’re not interested in…

✔ magic

✔ mystery and suspense movies

✔ unexpected endings

… Because that’s definitely what you’re going to get from this blog.

So, if you’re a mom or a single-mother (or a single-dad, or just single), a wife or someone who looks forward to “forever,” or even if you’re someone looking for a place to feel you matter and you belong:

I encourage you… Read on.

👍 You are NOT ALONE in your parenting journey (and the challenges of parenthood).

👍 You are NOT ALONE in your search for true love.

👍 You are NOT ALONE in facing the challenges and hurdles of this thing called life.

You have support right here — in this place.

That said, feel free to look around until you find the encouragement you need.


Get ready and grab your favorite cup of coffee (or tea, juice, or milk) and sit tight as we share this wonderful time together.

I’m happy to have you at Coffee Sessions with Mama Sel.

Thanks for dropping by! 👍

❤️️ Mama Sel

P.S. If you’re one of those who skips everything and goes straight to the bottom of the page… Welcome to Coffee Sessions with Mama Sel! 👋

Here you’ll find my “coffee sessions” or conversations with others, with God, and myself as well as my musings and realizations as I share and listen to stories of God’s faithfulness, sovereignty, and unfailing love in my life.

It’s about my real-life adventure with my constant coffee Buddy — my One True Love who never ever gets tired of loving me.

What else do I have for you here? Feel free to check out the categories and tags so you can easily find what you’re looking for. 🤓

Looking forward to our next coffee session together. 😊

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