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Day 149: Mother’s Day Hype

May 13, 2019

Belated Happy Mother’s Day, bold and beautiful Momma!

However and wherever you celebrated Mother’s Day as long as you spent it surrounded by the special people in your life — your children and special someone, then I’d assume you had a blast on our day.

So, we finished celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday.

Everyone was tired from all their Mother’s Day surprise preparations and from attending a family gathering last night.

I didn’t even realize they were brewing a special surprise for me.

No planning experience — at all!

My husband, who admitted to having NEVER planned any kind of surprise EVER in his life (Yes, this is the first. Thank You, Lord, for my loving husband!👆), shared with me how challenging it was to plan a surprise for me since I manage our home.

The kids had to tell me not to take a peek under the blanket. If they didn’t inform me, I’d insist that they make their bed.

They did their planning a week before the special day. It was a Sunday and I was asleep. (Now, that explains why my husband turned the aircon on. Hmmm…)

So, everyone was already dressed for our “Date with Jesus” when I woke up. The house was clean and organized (no toys on the floor). Breakfast was already served.

I didn’t have to lift a finger! I didn’t even have to wash the dishes or worry about who will be taking care of the mess.

So, we left our house, attended the Sunday Service Worship , and went straight home after.

Yup, there was NO Mother’s Day lunch-out.

But there’s a catch:

The kids told me to stay at our favorite milk tea place Bon Appetea (which is walking distance from where we live) because they still have a lot to do at home!

(I wonder what time we were going to have lunch. 🤔)

Was I feeling hungry?

You bet I did!

Did I stay at Bon Appetea?


A Great Surprise!

After waiting for half an hour or so, my husband fetched me from our fave milk tea place.

As he opened the door of our house, what I saw next had me laughing my heart out!

My tween daughter was smiling and shaking her pompoms. My son was twirling like a bird (Yes, bird-face on!). My teenage daughter looked tense — she was struggling to pop the party popper.

They did all these and still excitedly shouted their Mother’s Day greeting.

I’d say I was indeed amazed by their wonderful surprise! 😍

There were balloons on the walls and on the stairs.

Balloons on Mirror

They wrote a Happy Mother’s Day greeting on the mirror. Our late lunch was already prepared on the table.

I wasn’t expecting any gifts but they had some for me — a bouquet of flowers from my sweet husband, an artwork created by our tween daughter, and a mason jar filled with notes from all of them.

Getting Out of Their Comfort Zone

You need to understand:

My husband NEVER gave flowers in his life.


Before, he used to think that flowers are for the dead. Since he knows I like receiving flowers even from a young age (to the point that since I stopped receiving them, I chose to give flowers instead. I gave them to my mom when I was in high school), he decided to shift his mindset about flowers and started gifting me with them.

(This is the second Mom’s Day that he bought me a bouquet.)

Moms Day Bouquet 2019.jpg

As for the mason jar with notes, it was labeled ‘Reasons Why We ❤️ You.” I am to read one note — just one — each day to encourage me, that’s what my teenage daughter said.

(My tween daughter has been trying to persuade me to get more so I can get a note from her. I had to teach her discipline and delayed gratification. So even if I am tempted to give in, I didn’t… Or maybe not just yet. 😉)

While we were having lunch, my teenage daughter shared her challenging experience as she blew 20 balloons that would be used as decor.

My tween daughter cooked rice and prepared our drink for the day — iced tea. (It was a very hot day!)

Did my preschool son help out or played with the balloons? 

Both. While playing with the other balloons, he helped his sisters decorate our home as he handed the balloons over to them while they decorate.

I’d say this was one of the surprising Mother’s Days I’ve had! All their loving put a big smile on my face. My heart was full.

Back to Reality!

Monday came and the ‘Mother’s-Day fever’ has gone down.

Yesterday, I was the QUEEN — there was no need to move, worry, or think.

Today, my feet ‘touched the ground once more’ (In Filipino: “Tapak sa lupa”).

Since everyone was tired from last night’s gathering, I woke up with toys scattered in the living room. There was no food on the table yet. The kids were still asleep and my husband was busy working.

Heres the problem with that:

I have been trying to establish a daily routine for our family.

In my head, I see our family waking up early and doing house chores together. I have planned this so many times that not being able to do this frustrates me. (It IS frustrating.)

So, I told myself (Well, it was more like talking with the Lord):

If they don’t want to wake up early and help around the house, why would I bother to prepare?

How would they know the value of having someone prepare their food if they don’t experience waking up hungry and find the table empty?

Yes, I’ll do that so they will learn how to be more mindful and appreciative of the people around them.

I have decided — I will not be preparing food today.

(Translation: I will not worry about what to have for lunch and let the family decide later on — once they awake — what they want to eat. No more overthinking for me for now.)

Another Surprise!

Then I saw the Jar of Love — as I fondly call it — on the dining table.

Jar of Love

I thought:

Here’s something to encourage me today.

I picked out a pink paper.

Once again, I was surprised by what I saw…

You never let the kids get hungry

Yup, you read that right.

No kidding!

I was laughing and crying at the same time. God’s humor is really something!

I was surprised by how quick God responded to my whining.

But I am also thankful to Him for the gentle nudge to never stop doing what’s right, to continue being the caring and loving mom (who never wants her children to get hungry) that I am.

Thank You, my Jesus!

I thank the Lord that He didn’t allow me to continue treading down the road to selfishness and indifference.

That God saved me from ‘ME!’

That He is patient and gracious, giving me room to repent, try again, and grow.

All the goodness and the love in me, these are all from the Lord and from Him alone.

I thank the Lord for trusting me with my children and for reminding me that my example sets the foundation on my children’s lives. That I should be careful how I love and how I live.

Yes, it is the Lord who gifted me with my children and I trust Him to give me what I need to raise them well — the wisdom, the provision, the strength, and the love. If I love my kids, I know — no, I am SURE — that my God loves them even much, much more.

Yes, He loved them first — us, all.

I thank my Jesus for this realization — that God loved me first despite my stubbornness.

This is an excellent example of the love I am to give to my children not because I can but because I am confident that the Lord will supply all the love my children need and that He will use me and my life so that my children will one day also enjoy the love of a parent — a Father — who will never give up on them.


P.S. Just in case you’re wondering, I eventually decided to plan for today’s lunch. 😆 How can I say no to that loving nudge!? 😉

How about you?

You may have received many gifts on our special day, if you were to choose one and favoritism aside, which Mother’s Day gift did you like best and why? Share your answers in the comments below.

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