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Day 190: No Power Bank for Me

June 22, 2019 If you have family living abroad, aren't you thankful for the Internet? It makes connecting much, much easier (and cheaper as long as you have an Internet connection). Travel Gift Earlier this week, I chatted with my sister about pasalubong. A pasalubong is a Filipino word that refers to a travel gift.… Continue reading Day 190: No Power Bank for Me

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Day 84: My Pocket Empty, My Tummy Full

I have written and edited this post a gazillion times already. It's been ready to go live for more than a month but for some reason, I didn't know when to post it. Now that there was a recent incident at home concerning finances, I know it's time to publish this entry and remember how… Continue reading Day 84: My Pocket Empty, My Tummy Full

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Day 33: Delayed Speech, High EQ

January 17, 2019 Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow. - James 1:17 The Need On my post Day 9: Talking and Schooling, I shared the pressing concern that my… Continue reading Day 33: Delayed Speech, High EQ

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Day 5: It Is Real

An Unexpected Gift Our family went to the mall today to check out some ergonomic office furniture for my husband. It's a gift. His client gave him, together with the rest of their team, a Christmas bonus -- a health and wellness package. (What a blessing!) This "package" could come in different forms. It could… Continue reading Day 5: It Is Real