Kudos to SM Makati for This…

Parents face a lot of challenges every day.

From sleepless nights with a newborn to potty training a toddler. From teaching ABCs to equipping children, regardless of their age, with life skills.

One of the most challenging things for parents, especially single parents, is to go to a public bathroom with no one to hold on to their baby.

That said, I’d like to commend the Makati branch of the SM Store, the largest department store chain in the Philippines.

I went to the ladies’ room and saw this:


This is a wonderful way to show SM Store’s appreciation to hardworking mommies who give their time, their strength, and their lives to their little ones.


The time you provide to loving mothers – the few minutes of hands-free comfort – is priceless!


With a baby seat inside the cubicle, mothers of very young children can now do their private business without having to worry about how to do their business with one hand while the other holds the baby.

Kudos to SM Store!

Thank you, Lord, for SM Store who makes the effort to provide comfort to mothers.


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